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The very best in quality of design and manufacture is the standard we aim to achieve on the water. We bring to this task many years of practical experience and a specialist design consortium for every stage of development.

With some thirty years experience in high quality yacht construction, both powered and sail, Northshore's craftsmen are one of the few elite teams capable of building the Swordfish to its demanding quality standard.

We specialise in harmonising the latest developments in technology with handcrafted finesse.


Designers of pedigree

Two designers of outstanding calibre and achievement have contributed to the Swordfish.

For the hull lines, engineering and propeller, Alan Burnard, formerly chief designer of Fairey Marine, was commissioned.

His experience in offshore racing and in military patrol craft development contributed to the durability and sea keeping qualities of the successful Huntsman, Swordsman and Spearfish motor yachts.

The original styling has been enhanced by a new, unique radar arch, designed by Ken Freivokh, which compliments her distinctive lines.

A contemporary interior, styled again by Ken Freivokh, maximises the use of all workable space, and creates a sense of refinement and sophistication within her open plan layout.

Maritime capability

Using today's advanced technology, the hull structure of the Supermarine Swordfish Mk II has been engineered by High Modulus along with other refinements including shallower prop-shaft angles. Combined with her soft-ride deep vee hull and flared top sides, this motor yacht offers exceptional sea-going comfort and performance.

A boat for all seas and seasons

The Supermarine Swordfish 36 has been designed with two distinct kinds of buyer in mind: the serious yachtsman who wants to go places, whatever the weather, and the sun-loving sportsman who demands elegance and style.

Both will find the Swordfish exiting and completely satisfying in specification and finish, avoiding on one hand the caravan-style cruiser and on the other, the kind of craft whose sense of adventure is limited to marina-hopping between havens.